Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The More the Merrier

It has been a long while since I've found time to blog.  I promised myself to take time to just enjoy my new daughter for a season, without worrying about solving all the problems that keep popping up.   For the most part, I've been keeping that promise.  By the time Claire is safely tucked into her bed each night, I've usually had so much fun that I'm ready to collapse into my own bed and not try to rally my thoughts to write a somewhat coherent sentence or two.

But today, for a change, we have no visits with doctors.  It is cool and rainy, so I can justify not enforcing the afternoon outdoor exercise routine for once.  And, Claire finished up her school work and chores in quick order so that she could watch  "A is for Angelina, B is for Ballerina."  She thinks that by adding a little "I'm learning the alphabet" into her request, I will be more likely to allow her to watch. :-)  If she had her way, she would do nothing else all day.    In one way, it is a huge step.  During our first months home, her attention span wouldn't last more than a few minutes.  Now she can focus on Angelina for as many hours as she can convince me to let her stay on the couch. 

I'm really thankful for for their free "B is for Ballerina" preschool study unit.  The librarian is also great about pointing out all the books with ballerina's in them.  We need all the motivators we can find.  Claire is not keen on trying to learn new things.

While she is giggling and clapping with Angelina, I can take a few minutes for some catch up.

Claire absolutely loves having her family home with her.   Christmas vacation was a delight for her.  Every day she would rejoice over setting the supper table for FIVE people.  Whenever anyone is not home for supper, she asks when they will be home over and over again.

Having Dan home from college was so much fun! Claire really wishes that Ohio wasn't so far away from Mississippi.

When Daddy and brothers join in, the music is the best.

Daddy brought a "flower present" for Claire.  She was delighted.  

Ben is always good for a fuzzy hug even if he is really busy with his last year of Law School and working at a local law firm.  

It was really sad to see everyone go back to work or school and leave us with just TWO people home for most of every day. When Daddy or Ben has to work late, supper time isn't nearly as much fun.
In fact, we would get really depressed over the quiet around here if it weren't for one very exciting fact.

There is a little boy in China running around showing off a picture of his new family.  

It is a bit of a shock, so you can't expect him to look too excited all at once. It is a very big idea to process.

Do you think this looks like a good idea?

What do you guys think?  Does this look like a good family for me?

Oh my goodness!  It is Claire. 

Claire is very excited.  She really covets the role of "jie jie" even though being the "mei mei" has lots of perks.
Every night, she points out which chair will be for her "di di" and wants to know when we can have SIX people at our table. 

Whenever we are sitting at the hospital waiting for another test or to see the next specialist, she keeps busy by making a list of things we need to get ready.  She wants us to hurry and buy socks and underwear, and a pillow and a special blanket.  She wants a toothbrush and a towel in the bathroom right now.  With each new stack of paperwork that we send off, she sings her "Hurry up, China" song...then sighs, "wait a minute, wait a minute."

 I tend to sigh right along with her.   Having already met this precious little guy, played with him, and held him in my arms while we were in China to pick up Claire, I'm finding the wait feels much harder. Perhaps we will have another lazy afternoon soon, and I can share my perspective on adding to our family so soon.

For now, I need to go pry someone off the couch with my standard, "No more, too much TV."


  1. TEARS! Praise the Lord!
    A DOUBLE New Day blessing from the Lord!

  2. I've spent the past 3 hours (or more) reading through your adoption journey. It's certainly been a roller coaster ride, for sure! Your daughter is beautiful. I could literally feel your pain in some of your posts! But, it has been amazing to see how Claire has grown in your care. Several times I thought, "She needs a play mate". Well, Praise God! I am so excited to read this post. YaY! You have a new follower. I look forward to seeing ALL of you continue to grow. I think a little brother will be great for everyone. Especially for You, Mama! Hugs ~ Jo