Friday, December 14, 2012

A Day for Hatred

My mother heart aches for the mom's who won't see their precious children again.  I am so sorry.  So sad.

Yet there is a greater ache for those children who will also die this year without ever knowing the love of a mother. Every day little children die.  Alone.  Without enough nutritious food.  Without sufficient medical care.  Without ever knowing how special and wonderful they are. Without anyone to mourn their deaths.

Both situations are caused by sin.

This blog explains better than I possibly could why this is a day to hate the sin that destroys.  It is worth a moment to read.


Then it is worth the time to examine ourselves and determine how we can love more deeply, with less selfishness in a world awash with brokenness.

Lord Jesus, help us be your hands and feet to those who need your love.

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