Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Enjoying Today

We worry about what a child will become tomorrow,

yet we forget that he is someone today. 

~Stacia Tauscher

These last weeks  and months have been filled with all sorts of medical and psychological evaluations.  Lots of the information is not as positive as I could wish.  Many more questions have been raised, and we wait to be able to get in for additional testing that will help us find the answers.

It's easy for me to worry about tomorrow.  Health, and education, and behavior, and attachment all become areas of stress that threaten to make me forget to enjoy the wonderful moments of each day.

So, for December, I am challenging myself to put aside my fears about visual perception, or liver function, or bonding, and just enjoy as many moments with Claire as I possibly can.

So far, I'm surprising myself by finding that there are so many delightful moments that I barely have time to capture any to share.  But, here are a few that have been accumulating on my camera these last few days.

I'm very "big girl" and can put lights on the top!
Don't you think I'm making this tree beautiful?

Latkes with apple sauce--keep them coming.  They are "dee li shush."

Spin the dreidel and get chocolate money to eat.  I'm thinking this is a good tradition.

Claire couldn't have our mailbox be plain when so many in the neighborhood were decorated.  She is very proud of her decorated mailbox.

Gingerbread cookies--sort of like play doh.

Making special muffins for Daddy to take to the office for their special holiday breakfast.

Practicing counting to ten and getting the numbers in order.

Making bead candy canes is hard work.

Proud of my good job.

Green snickerdoodles at Ben's request.

Making chocolate crinkles is messy.

A great time at the Pinelake Christmas party for people with special needs.

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