Tuesday, June 19, 2012

First Impressions

We got to Skype with Claire Kaichen for the first time tonight.  (Thank you, Hannah, for translating.)

Seeing her wiggle and squirm, watching her expressions, and hearing her voice are all so much better than a still photo.  These are full of life, and joy!

She was so excited to see us and announce that we were her baba and mama. 

She declared that she REALLY likes her baba.  I think he may be smitten.

She said her mama is pretty.   What can I say?  Flattery will get her everywhere. 

When she couldn't see the boys, she asked why her brothers were missing.  She knew they were supposed to be part of the family because of the one picture we emailed to her.  Kelly got them and she responded with joyous hellos to her "ge ge."

Ben's beard made her laugh.   When we told her Dan likes to make music, she decided she wants to study piano. The boys declared her cute and adorable.  It is difficult not to be charmed by someone so excited to see you.

Pre school snack time occurred during our visit. Her snack was delivered and we got to watch her enjoy her crackers and watermelon.  I asked her what she likes to eat and her response was, "Snacks!" 

Guess she will fit into this family pretty well.  We like food of every variety.

When pressed, she did tell us cookies and chocolate were at the top of her list.  She even managed those words in English!

She had a few parting English words for us tonight.  "I love you." 

Oh, we love you, too, Claire Kaichen.  


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