Monday, August 27, 2012

Jump In Now

I woke up this morning with the phrase, "Jump in now, Cora Cow," running through my head.  Weird.

In case you aren't familiar with older Title I reading materials, Cora Cow is the heroine in several beginning reader books used to help struggling readers.  One of these little books managed to sneak into my library and became a fun favorite around here about 10 years ago.  So why in the world is that phrase in my head now?

If my memory serves me right, Cora was with a family at the beach.  She was relaxing on the beach while watching two children play on some large rocks along the shore.  They didn't notice the tide coming in and found themselves trapped on a big rock.  They called to Cora for help.  This is a beginning reader, so all the characters must  Cora advice. 


Jump in.

Jump in now.

Jump in now, Cora Cow!

This story made my tangled spaghetti brain start thinking about how we used to jump in our pool when we were kids.  Living in Michigan meant that the water was never quite as warm as one might like.  We certainly never needed to float jugs of ice in it to cool it off enough for comfortable swimming like we have in other places.  

As I remember, we would WANT to go swimming.
We would CHOOSE to get ready.
Then, we would stand on the deck and dip a toe in the cold water and squeal for a while.
Eventually we would start making statements like, "Okay, I'm doin' it."  "One, two, three…jump! 

Everyone would do a big arm circling wind up and fake little jumps, then look at each other still standing on the deck.

Finally, someone would get the courage to take the plunge.  I vividly remember leaping up and flying out over the water.  In those short moments between leaving the deck and touching the water, I would scream, "I want to go back!"

Splash!  Squeal!  Swim and say, "Hey it isn't too bad.  Come on in!"

So what do these random stories have to do with anything?

Obviously, I'm thinking about adoption right now.  We have heard God's call and made the decision to adopt.  We have spent months preparing.  We have everything ready.  But, now that the work is done, there is too much time to think.  We are standing on that deck anticipating the cold water.  Some moments have found me screaming, "I want to go back."

It is pretty comfortable around here with no children to look out for.  I can sleep in if I choose.  I can go run errands with ease.  My house doesn't get nearly as dirty as it did when there were people living in it.  I can eat when I feel like it, without worrying about whether it is "time."  If Kelly and I want to go out, we just go.  Life is pretty simple these days.  Why complicate it?

Enter brave Cora Cow.  She was relaxing on the warm sand.  Comfortable.
But the children were in danger.  They couldn't help themselves. 
And Cora couldn't help them if she stayed on the beach.

Cora didn't look at the splashing waves, or test the temperature of the water with one toe…ah, hoof.  She looked at the children.  She looked at the frightened people on the shore unable to respond for whatever reason.  Then she jumped in.

She put those children in an upside down umbrella and floated them safely to shore. 
Yeah, Cora Cow!

She was too busy happily drying off cold children and getting big hugs to even notice that she was cold and wet.

No more thinking.  No more waiting.  Look at the child.  


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