Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Truth About Adoption

We have been waiting for so long. It seems like forever. 
The waiting has become safe and familiar.  The longing to parent our little girl is real, but knowing her from this distance is quite simple, really.  A weekly Skype visit, a monthly package filled with small gifts.  It isn't complicated.

Many things are about to change.
We know from experience that adoption is HARD.
Not all adoptions are the same, but all of them present challenges that push us past our own abilities to cope.
We can't do it without God's grace, wisdom and strength.

Jen Hatmaker's blog does an amazing job at capturing the process of welcoming a new child into a family. 

Click here to read this wonderful, truthful blog about the first year home.

I think I'll come back and read through it often in the next year so that I can remember that hard doesn't mean hopeless. If I forget, dear friends, please feel free to remind me.

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