Friday, October 19, 2012

Ben is the Brother, I am the Little Sister

Big Brothers are supposed to be annoying! If he passes by without bugging, Claire will chase after saying, "Toot, toot,"  which is the sound Ben makes when he gently tugs her pony tail.

Trying to be as tall as Ben.  Yes, she is actually smiling. That is the look she makes when she knows you are trying to take a picture.

Folding Ben's laundry is fun.   And Ben is even kind enough to take it too his room before he refolds it all.     Claire's technique still needs a little work.

Wearing big shoes is so funny!

See how Ben is sitting--imitate.

Drinking Earl Grey with Ben. It doesn't matter how it tastes as long as it is what Ben likes. Ben looks pretty good in the bead necklace Claire made for him, don't ya think

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  1. so very happy to see claire so happy. we've loved claire for years. our daughter emma lael is from ND...we adopted her two years ago sept. 2010. we had the pleasure of meeting claire. my younger sister has been in love with claire from the first picture we showed her of claire.
    praying God's blessing on claire & your family.