Thursday, October 4, 2012

Laughter has Returned to Our House

The last several years have been quite serious around our house. 

There were those years when we were trying every kind of therapy and treatment available and nothing was helping our girls connect with our family.

Then there were the years when behavior forced us to make hard decisions and move the girls into residential treatment.  Following hard on were the months of not knowing where they were as they got kicked out of place after place and made lots of unsafe decisions.

Even as we headed into equilibrium again, as the girls settled into a new life away from home, life was still pretty serious as we focused on college and scholarships and law school.  All good things, but  all bringing a little stress and the weight of serious endeavors.

Three weeks ago, laughter came home.   Laundry, teeth brushing and sweeping the floor are now items to trigger joy.  Buying groceries is a fun adventure. A bug on the driveway or a red leaf falling from a tree are reasons for delight.  We have been sad and serious for way too long around here.

Welcome joy!  Welcome laughter!  Welcome Claire Kaichen! We are so glad you have come home.

Bath time with bubbles is always good for giggles.

The great shoe mix up was so funny that the lingering giggles still attack every time she sees this picture!

Jelly face is beautiful.

Teeth freshly cleaned at her first visit to the dentist are "sharp like a tiger."   Better watch out!

My new skirt makes me more beautiful than the flowers.

Singing happy songs while stringing beads.

Aren't my necklaces pretty?

If Ben drinks Earl Grey with milk, so will I--and he has to wear the necklace I made for him.

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