Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Joyful Day

A rainbow behind the piano promised a great beginning to a new day.

And, it has been such a nice day. 

I'm a bit surprised because they have been so difficult lately.  I really wasn't expecting so much ease and closeness and fun.

Lydia stayed with Claire this morning while I went to the doctor.  They actually PLAYED with the dolls and horses.  Later in the afternoon, Claire demonstrated her new skill by playing with me.  So much fun!   Thanks, Lydia.

My trips to the doctor give us one more thing to have in common.  Claire carefully examines my "pokes" and wants to know how many bottles of blood the doctor took. She likes to put band aids on my "little ouch" just like I put them on hers.   She has told and retold the story  that I'm having a picture with the "big circle camera"  (MRI)  tomorrow, and she is "all done"  and doesn't need to go with me. She joyfully sings out, "Mommy's turn."   See how much I'm willing to do to bond with my child.  :-)

Playing at the park convinced me that I couldn't put off seeing the doctor any longer. As Claire gets stronger, I need to be able to keep up with her!

We had to go out to get more diapers this afternoon, and decided to shop for Colten's Christmas gift.  Of course, this brought up a whole lot of discussion about each of Claire's friends being "far, far away."  At one point she started yelling, "STAY IN CHINA!" over and over.  I was tired of being sensitive, and yelled back, "NO, stay in America with Mommy and Daddy."  She was startled for a moment and looked at me with those big eyes. Then she giggled and started chanting, "Stay in America. Claire stay in America."   
She was very happy about it.

Then we talked about how the presents were going to get to Colton.  Apparently, if I'm following her trail of English stepping stones, she thought we were going to deliver the presents ...and that she would be going back to China.  Telling her she had to stay with us always was reassuring rather than depressing to her.  At least it is for today.

We made pizza for supper.  We just had so much fun, working easily together.  When I got out the flour (we use a couple of different kinds) I said, "1 cup of this kind, and 2 cups of this kind."  My precious imp pointed to the bouquet of flowers in a vase on the counter and said, "I want this kind flour."  Then she burst into giggles. 

Yes, those are green beans she is arranging on the pizza.  Don't laugh.  It was good!
A delicious work of art.
At bath time she revisited everyone being "far, far away."  When she ran out of friends, she switched to brothers.  But, when she named Ben, I said, "No way.  Ben is close."  She started giggling again. "Ben is clothes," she said, pulling on my sweater, "big, big clothes."  We giggled our way through a whole lot of people being close, or clothes, until Kelly came to see what was going on and added "close" the door to our fun! 

I'm so thankful for all the friends and strangers who are praying for us as we do the work of becoming a family.   I know God is answering your prayers because we are able to keep moving forward through the tough days, and can celebrate the joyful moments when they come.  I am so blessed to be Claire's mommy.

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  1. I LOVE to see how God is working! I will continue to pray for Claire's transition.
    She is one precious girl!