Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I was taking the pictures off my camera and storing them on my computer.  Of course, Claire Kaichen is never more than an inch away.  She stopped to look. A couple of pictures caught her eye and she pointed to those thumbnails, indicating that she wanted to see them.

The beautiful women who took care of Kaichen at New Day's Healing Home.  The one in pink spent all those months in the hospital with Claire.

The woman closest to me was the foster mom in Taiyuan who had Kaichen from the time she was 8 months old til sometime around 4 years old when health required her to be moved.
After studying the pictures for a few minutes, while I squirmed inside wondering if I was helping our hurting by letting her stare at these pictures, she held up 3 fingers and announced that she has three mamas.

I agreed and pointed to each mama and told her that each mama loved Claire.

That seemed to make her really happy.  In fact, it was after this little "discussion" of the mamas in her life that she seemed to drop some of her resistance to me.  Acknowledging together that she has lots of mamas that love her seemed to allow her to draw closer. 

I am so thankful for the love that each mama poured into my sweet girl.  If they hadn't loved her so well, she would not be able to experience love now.   They have taught her to feel safe, cared for and loved.  They have built a strong foundation that will allow Claire to grow and learn and become the special person God has planned for her to be. 

(A note added several days later:  Claire Kaichen is a smart little girl who knows what she wants.  If I tell her "no" about anything, she will pout for a few minutes.  Lately, she pouts and then gives me a knowing look and says, "Three mamas."  I think she is trying to make me believe her other mamas would let her have whatever I'm denying her.   Nice try, little one.   But mama knows best, and the answer is still "no."  Mamas in your memory may be always perfect and do just what you want, but we are living in reality here.  I love you, really.)

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