Friday, September 21, 2012

Bathroom Issues

No, this picture has nothing to do with this post.  You didn't think I was going to put a picture of either one of us in the bathroom, did you?

It is funny the way new parents of newborns and toddlers  talk about diapers and bathroom issues all the time.  I didn't expect that to be a big issue since we were starting with an 8 year old.  Was I wrong!  It isn't just her lack of potty training that is creating my issues, though.  I have bathroom stories of my own.

I've gotten spoiled over the years.  It has been a long, long time since any of my children have followed me into the bathroom.  I just prefer going potty by myself.  But, Claire is never more than a few inches away.  With a quick step and twist, though, I can close the bathroom door before she gets through.  Then she stands there twisting the knob hoping to get it open.  To avoid panic over my disappearance, I carry on a dialogue that goes something like this:

Who is at my door?  Is a zebra at the door?


Go away zebra.  Who is jiggling my door?  Is a giraffe at my door?


Go away giraffe.  Who is at my door?  Is an elephant at my door?

Who is at my door?  (Continue with every animal I can think of until I'm ready to leave the bathroom), Then switch to:

Who is at my door? Is there a girl at my door?


Swing door open and say, "Don't go away girl.  Stay.  I like girls."


(Wonder if I'll miss this routine when the day comes when she doesn't follow me into the potty anymore?)

(I wonder how old I'll be when that finally happens?)

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