Sunday, September 9, 2012

Wo Ai Ni, Kaichen

Day 13

Today with my girl was so much better.   She let me tuck a napkin over her at breakfast so we didn't have to change clothes again.  She tasted a few new foods, like my purple sweet potato.  Of course, she also kept up with her staples of noodles, dumplings and watermelon. 

We had to do a group picture for Lifeline in the lobby this morning.  While we were waiting for everyone to arrive, Kaichen and I went up a really tall escalator.  Then we went right back down.  She was beside herself thrilled with this fun ride.

Picture taking gets long when everyone wants a picture taken with their camera.  Kaichen took off and wouldn't come back so I ended up chasing her and holding her arm firmly to complete the pictures.  BUT...she did stay with us the rest of the day without a problem.  She didn't fight about holding hands on the streets, and even gladly let her Daddy carry her over the craziest roads. 

We climbed a big hill with 90 some steps to see a statue of goats.  She was a trooper in this heat, counting the steps all the way up.   Then we went into a park to watch the people exercising with hacky sacks.  It was fun.  Kaichen tried to kick one, but she just isn't coordinated enough.   Kelly got some video of this so we will try to post a clip when we get home.

Next we took the bus to the pearl and jade market.   We did pick up a couple of items.  Kelly bought Kaichen a lovely silver chain with a single pearl on it.  She beamed when everyone told her how pretty she was.  Of course, she wanted if off after a couple of minutes.  She can't seem to stand anything touching her wrists or neck.

We got sick of shopping long before everyone else--yup, she's my girl--so we found a quiet corner on the sidewalk to eat some sunflower seeds.  A lady in a nearby shop brought some stools out so we could sit.   When we were away from the big adoption group, people would come up and talk to us.   We made friends with a little boy riding on his daddy's lap (Dad was in a wheel chair) and a grandmother with her little girl who wanted to talk to us.  Kelly also went in the shop and bought a couple of items.  How could we not buy something when she let us have her stools for a long time.

This afternoon we hung out in the hotel room.  Kaichen was very talkative today.  We pushed the chairs into a row and played "bus."  We also used the bedroom door as our "outside" door and took turns being each other's company.  You might say, "Who cares?"  But this sort of play requires a level of interaction we haven't had before---and, she initiated it. 

We went to an Italian restaurant for supper.  Spaghetti and ravioli pass muster with Kaichen.  They are just a different style of noodle and dumpling.

A bubble bath topped off our evening.   She had so much fun piling mounds of bubbles on her head.  The best part was that she trusted me enough to tilt her head back onto my hand and into the water tonight so I could wash her hair.  She totally relaxed and let me do it, instead of struggling to hold herself up by herself.  It may be a tiny step, but I felt such love for this brave little girl who is willingly beginning to trust me to take care of her. 

Sometimes there are surprises when you open the door!  Lots of giggles, too.

Here comes company.  Can you hear them knocking on the door?

Group photo time:  just the newly adopted kids in this shot. 

The statue of the five goats.

Watching the lady string the pearl necklace.

A sunflower seed break outside a shop.  Stools compliments of the lady next to the shop door.

Did I mention that we were too tired to go out for lunch so Kelly went across the way to a "fast food" place and brought home stir fried rice and some noodles.  These are the bits we picked out of our lunch.  No worries, though.  There were plenty of bits that we liked.

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