Saturday, September 22, 2012

Prayers and Special Moments

I have the greatest friends in the world!  After I posted about how tired and discouraged I was, I got dozens of  messages from friends promising to pray. What a difference those prayers made!  God's strength and peace were so evident today.  Thank you to all the prayers who are helping us through these first days.

Claire slept through the night last night, and I only woke about 3 times when she was talking in her sleep.   Getting sleep makes such a difference.

My sweet girl seemed to be here today.  There was no sitting and doing nothing.  She was busily engaged all day.  She even started teasing Ben, whom she had virtually ignored up til now.  She tried to steal his lunch and shoot him with a Nerf gun. 

We even found out that she loves  Mr. Rogers.  She kept asking for more each time an episode ended.  Sorry, two a day is the limit, but she really watched and talked about the ideas with me.  I'm so happy to see her little mind at work.

Singing the ABC song while making random music on the piano.

Enjoying the "toot-toot" game with Ben.  Don't worry, he is very gentle.  If he passes by without tugging the ponytail, she goes after him to make sure he tugs, tickles or does something to make her giggle.

Loves riding in the car.  She is still amazed that mommy can drive, although she has been insisting that I am too little and should let her do the driving.

We planted lots of fall flowers today.

And, finished by cleaning up all the dirt we spilled on the driveway. 

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