Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Wow! A Two Post Day!

Day 15

As if going to the Consulate wasn't enough for one day, this evening we went on a dinner cruise on the Pearl River in Guangzhou.   Kaichen was so incredibly excited once she figured out what we meant when we kept saying boat.

She got even more excited when her daddy brought a plate of dumplings and a big bowl of noodles to her at our table.   She added some fried rice, zucchini, bread, watermelon, and a bowl of sweet potato ice cream to that first batch of food.  I have never, ever seen a kid so tiny eat so much.  She wolfed it down like she was starving, even though we had eaten a late lunch and had a snack before going to the boat.  On the boat with food = happiness.

After dinner we went topside and watched the colored lights of the city.   We all had a really nice time.  

She is quite nervous about the fact that we were packing up suitcases today.    We have been over tomorrow's schedule a million times, at least.  I'm not sure how much she understands.  I know that  any water bottles or snacks she could reach in our room managed to get packed in her backpack.  She also borrowed our Ziploc bags and tried to squeeze all her balloons into them.  I'm afraid we won't be able to pack blown up balloons, and I can't get the thin plastic to untie without making holes. 

It has been a long day, but good. 

She twined her fingers through mine and snuggled up close for the bus ride back to the hotel.   I savor those precious moments when fear, confusion and anger take a backseat. 

Thanks for praying.   The journey home is going to be very long and tiring. Kelly has been sick, and my throat is miserably sore tonight.  Mostly I pray that Kaichen doesn't catch it from us.

A few pics in whatever random order they decide to load and then I"m going to sleep.

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